Delco cassette player repair

Take a look at my long experience, credentials and work history by clicking HERE. Check this out:. Upgraded amplifiers - more than 10 times the original power! Barry Fone. The world's most recommended 8 track technician. Former Top Level. A brief phone call is welcome, but the number of available options is far too great to discuss in depth while I'm working on a customer's unit.

Prices and options are on the right side of this page above the band pictures, as well as on the work order you will be printing and filling out to send with your radio. Anything discussed on the phone is NOT an agreement.

When you print and fill out a work order stating your options and preferences, THEN we have an agreement once I collect payment.

And if it's not on the work order, you didn't request it and it won't be done. I do not participate in "handshake" deals or gentlemen's agreements, as doing this leaves too much room for misunderstandings and arguments later on. Since most new customers ask the same questions, I do ask the customer to first click on any of the flashing purple rectangles you see here BEFORE calling: If you still have questions, of course you are welcome to call or E-mail me.

Please note that I don't do business or advertise locally, and thus do not need to keep normal business hours. I typically work in shifts between 24 and 36 hours, then sleep for 16 hours with zero regard to the time of day.

You might notice that many of my videos are made in the middle of the night Once you have chosen your options and preferences, it's time to print and fill out a work order. This is simply the reality of the industry. The prices of original classic units are skyrocketing, and they're only going in one direction - that's UP. Look up prices IF you can find your modeland that's what you're adding to your repair bill if it arrives with a broken control from careless packing.

Unlike electronic components, controls are generally not interchangeable from one model to another. They are composed of up to 7 or more sections, with each section having a specific resistance, taper and tap percentage.

Combine this with different shaft lengths and replacement becomes hopeless. DON'T push the controls through pieces of styrofoam. All others are considered as "Aftermarket" in my shop. Minor tuner service is included in my rates, but not button replacement.

Don't Believe Me? But Let's Not Stop There! Intense and passionate in life, love, music and work - that's me. Hear, purchase and download my music from ANY major music download site such as Rhapsody, iTunes, etc. Over the years I've seen some clever efforts to repair broken pushbuttons, but they have all been focused mainly on appearance and still depend heavily on the most delicate structural element - thin, brittle plastic. Well, anyone who knows me also knows my passion in every aspect is what?

You guys know I'll fight you tooth and nail - even cancel the job - if you threaten my workmanship longevity by trying to rush me.

You also know I don't accept "just fix this or that" type jobs. In my shop it's do it BEST the first time, or don't do it. Sorry, it's a sickness. I replace the entire set with buttons that will never break again, and this is MY way of repairing this Ford tuner.Automotive Forums.

Cassette Errors E10 : Tight tape error Cause s : A restricted cassette tape transport or broken cassette drive belt Correction: Substitute a different cassette tape. E13 : Tape Communication Error Cause s : The micro-processor is reading the speed pulses from the tape deck either too fast or too slow. Correction s : It the tape player is still playing a cassette, try a new cassette.

E14 : Wrapped Tape Cause s : The tape is wrapped around the capstan. This means a tape is wound up in the tape player. This error message could appear when a CD adapter is being used. Other causes could be old or damaged tapes. Long playing 90 or minute tapes are thin and can stretch easily creating this condition. Correction s : Try playing a known good quality tape. Remove the CD adapter. C ln Tape Indicator Cause s : This message appears after 50 hours of accumulated tape play.

Correction s : We suggest cleaning the tape head. Then reset the radio by depressing the eject button for five seconds. Cleaning the heads will not reset the "Cln" display. To reset the "Cln" display, push and hold the eject button for five seconds. The display will return to its normal display. Correction s : Try cleaning the disc or using a new disc. Make sure the disc is loaded correctly. The road could be too rough or there is too much humidity.

E21 : Tracking Error Cause s : There is a problem with reading the disc Correction s : Try cleaning the disc or using a new disc. Correction s : Disconnect battery voltage to the radio and then reconnect after a few minutes. E31 : Tracking Error Cause s : There is a problem with reading the disc. Correction s : Try cleaning the disc or try using a new disc. E32 : Motor Error Cause s : The CD motor is not handling the compact disc properly or defective magazine mounting screws are interfering with the mechanism.

Correction s : Reload the magazine. If there is still a problem, replace the magazine. If the problem continues, back out the mounting screws. If the condition is corrected, replace the screws with shorter screws or add washers to the existing screws. If there is still an error, determine if the problem is with the radio, the harness or the changer. Inspect for correct voltage at all connectors.

Correction: Before sending the unit in for service, perform the following procedure: Press the reset button on both the changer and the remote.

The reset button on the changer is located on the front panel of the unit. It can be activated with the tip of a pin. If the unit does not operate after resetting it, remove the magazine by inserting a business card between the magazine and the mechanism.

The lock lever will disengage to allow the magazine to eject. Make sure all CDs are in the magazine and none remain lodged in the carriage. If, upon removing the magazine, a CD is found lodged in the carriage, remove all CDs from the magazine and reinsert the magazine into the changer.We have made a significant investment in specialized test equipment that allows us to perform accurate troubleshooting on your factory radio, and OEM audio system. Got a disc, or discs jammed in your CD player or in-dash CD changer?

Is you factory radio not making any noise? We are here to help! Not matter what the problem is with your factory radio or audio system, we can diagnose the problem and provide you with the best solution to get you back on the road. Our trained staff can not only troubleshoot your problems, but provide the removal and installation of any factory radio components you may need. Audio Express is your go to shop in the Richmond, VA area for all of your car audio and vehicle accessory needs. We have serviced thousands of vehicles over the past four decades, and with our experienced staff, your vehicle will be in safe hands.

We can repair almost every brand of car audio, even antique radios for classics, muscle cars, and restorations. All of our repairs are backed by a one-year warranty. Remember those??? Contact us today, and we will guide you through the process step by step to get you back on the road quickly. On most vehicles, we have the option to replace your current, outdated factory radio with a brand new aftermarket system that will provide the latest technology, and drastically improve your sound quality.

We can help you ditch the antique and upgrade to one of our modern units that have the features you really want, and some you may not even be aware of such as Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming, GPS navigation, smartphone connectivity, and backup cameras. Rest assured knowing we utilize vehicle specific, and top quality parts to ensure a perfect fit and finish backed by a lifetime installation guarantee.

While these are just a few of the available solutions and options we provide, we also provide many more specific solutions that will meet your needs. Contact us today and our experts will guide you through the best solution your vehicle, and your lifestyle.

Troubleshoot Having problems with your factory radio? Our experts can help troubleshoot any issues in any vehicle.

Classic Delco CD Deck Repair?

Replacement In select vehicles, we can replace your outdated factory radio with a new replacement stereo with all the latest features. Troubleshoot Factory Radio We have made a significant investment in specialized test equipment that allows us to perform accurate troubleshooting on your factory radio, and OEM audio system. Aftermarket Replacement On most vehicles, we have the option to replace your current, outdated factory radio with a brand new aftermarket system that will provide the latest technology, and drastically improve your sound quality.

Customer Service Our customers are our number one priority.

delco cassette player repair

Our core values are honesty, integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in customer service before, and after the sale.Yesterday I talked with the owner about the radio, he said that a radio repair shop has been chasing issues with this radio for about a year. They've replaced the drive motor, pinch rollers, belts and have tried to make adjustments. He was not amused haha. The complaint is that after approx. If he changes tape direction everything clears for a few minutes, then the problem returns.

I don't know what's happening after 30 minutes of use that isn't happening when the tape is first inserted.

But while bench testing using my old TopGun soundtrackit acted up exactly how he described. My only guess is that heat is playing a role. I bench tested my NOS Cadillac radio played for hours without a glitch and I'm going to swap the cassette drive from that unit to the Pontiac radio.

What's thrown me off is the Fiero Store's advisement that the belt for the EQ radio with knobs will not work with the EQ radio with touch controls.

I had always thought that tape drives in those two radios are identical Blaupunkt units. Evidently there are some rubber components that are hard that soften as it warms up. When I first get in they tapes don't want to play but then it gets better. Seems weird that it would play for 30 minutes and then start having issues. My results are: It has V pulleys V diameter of. I split a rubber band down the center with a razor knife to. Here is a link to a belt suppler.

Click here to visit The FieroStore View all sponsors. Email This Page to Someone! May 2nd, Report this Post PM. Are the cassette tape mechanisms interchangeable? A repair shop has been unsuccessful with getting the tape deck to work properly on an 87 Delco unit with touch control.

Both tape units are the Blaupunkt style. I'd like to just swap the tape transport from one to the other but when searching for replacement belts, I saw that the Fierostore states that the belts for the EQ radio with knobs will not work with the touch control radios. The owner is pretty nostalgic about his old mixed tapes. I'd like to make this thing work for him.

Thanks for your help. IP: Logged. Old Lar posts Member since Nov May 3rd, Hey thanks. I called them. They like the rest of the world no longer repair or sell cassette decks. Oh well, I'll just have to take it apart and try it out. May 4th, Report this Post AM. I bought a refurbished one off eBay and it only barely works. It was not the exact Pontiac Model as it lights up white.Classic Car Radio Repair N. Barry's 8 Track and.

Camaro Radio Refurbishment Service, 1979-1992 & 1997-2002

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! I specialize in the repair and modernization of radios and 8 track players for classic cars from roughly to Options and Prices.

Save time and searching by simply printing a work order and making your selections as you're filling it out! All the original electronics are removed, leaving only your original controls and tuner assembly.

delco cassette player repair

A microphone to pick up your voice is installed in your radio AND included as an external backup accessory. While the built-in microphone sounds great, clipping the external mic onto the driver side visor closer to the mouth might offer greater intelligibiity Add Use the radio's tuner and controls to navigate through your music collection.

No hassles - just plug it in and it starts playing immediately.

Camaro Radio Refurbishment Service, 1979-1992 & 1997-2002

Add Watch a short 15 minute video of a typical conversion on a Ford AM-8 Track. The video will open in a new browser, so you won't lose your place here. Still have questions? I tend to work overnight and sleep very late, and my shop is not open to the local public. I work ONLY through shipping services, never in person.

However, the customer can check his unit's place in line at any time by visiting my "Job Status" page which lists every job currently in the shop awaiting my expert attention.

Prices and options for turnaround time are listed on the work order.We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! Site Information. Please wait See 4 more pictures. Condition: Refurbished. Weight: 6. Availability: Business Days. Minimum Purchase: unit s. Maximum Purchase: unit s.

Gift Wrapping:. Out of Stock. Buy in bulk and save. Add To Cart. Add to Wish List. Vehicles used both EQ and non-EQ versions of this cassette deck. This is for a professionally remanufactured cassette deck with EQ controls commonly used in Chevy trucks between and It is designed to work alongside the 3 piece system with the Control Head and Receiver box.

The unit has been fitted with a brand new, newly manufactured belt. This tape deck was manufactured with and without the built in equalizer or EQ. This unit has the EQ controls.Learn More. Rick's Camaro is open, shipping daily and ready to meet all of your automotive needs. Eckler's strives to offer competitive pricing on all of the parts we sell. In order to offer competitive prices, we have to limit or eliminate the discounts we provide on some parts.

In addition, our agreements with some manufacturers prohibit us from discounting certain parts so they are not included in our promotions. If you are using our new website with all of the cars we offer parts for ecklers. Within hours a Service Form will be emailed to you with instructions on where to ship your part. Normal turnaround time to receive a completely refurbished radio is working days. Titusville FL - We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Product Experts Available Cart Summary. Shop By Model. Shop By Brand. Part :. Alt Part : Availability: Available - Allow extra time for delivery. Print Service Form. Low Price Guarantee. Security Assurance. Connect With Us. Payment Options.

cassette tape won't eject from older AC-Delco deck

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delco cassette player repair

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