Graal era body female

Yes, these are my personals. I would like to ask any site owner to not remove the watermark if they edit these and also credit me at the bottom of the post. This was a huge post for me ;w; sO many recolors and gifs I had to do. Happy Fourth to the peoples who celebrate and Happy Canada Day, although a little late. Long time no see!

Lots has happened since my last post. These heads were pretty fun to edit and turned out decently. The skin tone is so messed up buT I tried and enjoyed making it. Credit to Cheetosgfx for the base of the female head. Alrighty, hello againnn. Credit to one of my favorite sites, UnknxGfx.

Totally worth checking out xx. There are so many reasons why and I believe this site deserves an explanation. We hit a record-breaking month which totaled to almost hitting 30k views in one month still a couple days left! Not everyone will enjoy it if it even happens.

The reasons behind a break are ofc the project, you guys, and homework due to covid Your own opinions of the site and my work are completely valid, as not everyone will enjoy my style which is fine. Just keep in mind that this whole site is managed by one person and I can only do so much. On the drama side of things- ifiling. The wrongs are just stealing items and barely editing them, and I mean from heads, bodies, hats, etc. ANyways, back to the posts on this site. Classes in school forget that we have other work too which leads to eVen more work.

graal era body female

Hey guys, sorry for semi inactivity this week. Lastly, all four of my hats made it into Graphics Headquarters for the spring competition.H ey yallI bring a new girl upload! I got a lot of requests to make a seriouspk typegirl upload with blood on her face xd, so here you go. Do not forget to check the transparency box on the upload page for all the bodies!

Credit of the bodies go to bilsansgfx and azngirlzgfx. Also there are 4 gifs for each hair color: blinkeyes turn whiteeye glow and white flames.

Hope you boys like them. Boy heads previewww yeeeey.

Girl Heads and Bodies

I got the original head upload from plhgfx. These heads have like a highlight in the hair : blonde, brown and gray. Idk when I will post the finished product. How you guys doing? Well here are the couple set from the preview that I posted like a year ago lol. I decided to make different skin and hair colors for this set soo its a LOT of uploads. There are 4 skin colors for each hair color. Hi guys. Thank you so much for 47k views f or and 61k views overall!

The difference in views in compared to views in is huge. This is a preview of a couple set. I will make gifs for the heads and the bodies are cc. The girl head I edit from ruvcogfx.

I will post these uploads sometime next week. Hi everybody. I am going to be busy and I will not post often for a while cri. Hope you guys understand.Today I post girl head uploads with different hair color.

And there is 2 versions one that has freckles and one that has no freckles for each hair color. I post with gif and without gif too. There is 2 cc bodies for each hair color. I hope you like them. If the admins do not accept the bodies is ok that is era being dumbwait an hour and upload it again. Do not forget to click the transparency box in the upload page for all these bodies!

I hope you guys understand. Hiithese are pic of you guys wearing my uploads and the nice comments you send me. Thank you!! Hi everyone I will edit a gif for these head uploads and a cc body. Maybe I will add more hair colors. I edit the head and body from ambsgfx. I post 2 different hairstyles for the girl and boy uploads and each have 3 different gifs and also have without gif.

For the girl heads I put the corresponding body for that head next to it.

graal era body female

And I put the couple uploads of the boy and girl that match next to each other but obviously you can choose whichever one you want to be a couple. These bodies are cc. I edit the boy body but it originally belongs to zoeygraalxo. Hi everyonethis is a preview of couple sets. I will post these uploads either this week or next week hopefully. The bodies for the couple sets are cc and I will make gifs for the heads. The girl upload in the left side is the one from the header image of this site.

I post two heads with different hair color. Each have 3 gifs and two without gif. Also some of them have different emotions. I will post with gif and without gif.Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. Hey Poochy!! Keep up the good work! I know there use to be more and I loveeee them :c pls put them bk. O I was updating dis page, then I had to go to a meeting….


Hello miss poochymoochy, so my friend was telling me about your site and I immediately fell in love 3seconds after that ; …. I know it sounds hard but can you dooo it please,so that it changes emotions a lot?

Can i have a custom request?! I want light blonde hair that is strait and i was the face to have very light skin and any color eyes will do. Please help! It says background can be seen when I try to upload!! I recoloured the cotton candy coloured cat sweater into a grey sweater to make it more modern like.

Poochy, can you make a body a hoodie or a bodyextension with a white head.

graal era body female

On the top? I dont like the extension e. Its like a nurse wearing a bra. Please edit some bodies of that head. Pingback: sets cookie CrazyCookieGraal. Hi Poochy!! I absolutly LOVE your bodies and heads. Keep up the amazing work! Thats great! Any bodies that work on classic work on era as well. Omg poochy i LOVE your work cx its amazing and i decided to get one of your sets for classic!! But i met you on classic cx and i remember it clearly c:.

I love it cx. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Can u upload me the car body with the backpack I want the body red nd the backpack black plz Like Like.I commissioned this from Kissae some time ago.

I hope someone can. This was a body long due. It was supposed to be done 3 months ago but a narcissistic fuck had to commission it. I finished the original female and made some recolors for it. I made a slight change on the female making it more like a boy in one of the vers the one with a rose pattern. Credits: All me, babe. Eul for the male template used on the first one. I finally finished it after it got lost on my files for nearly 3 months.

Credits: Xenethes for the bases, Coco? This head was made by Mai when we were still friends in He quitted in February. Blue is a OC that Kissae made for fun but then sticked and — and — and—. It is now a little darker and centered! Finally it is pleasing to look at! Funny thing? I recolored my personal head because I was lazy enough not to give a damn. Got you covered. With this body, you can have fun collecting flowers while being warm. This body was made with the intention of being a personal, but it was too cute and I really wanted to make recolors of it.

Hey there! So please read the description of the tiers if interested in such!

Female Bodies

Within the tiers there will be a discord server where you can talk with me, meet new people and occasionally share your art work and more! Be sure to spread this post around!Eye animations have gotten extremely strict over the past few months compared to back then. Big flames, distracting animation, having it go into the hair, extending past the cheek, etc.

Animations that go outside of the eye frame into the hair or down the cheek are considered illegal. I underlined the og fire blink, because in some cases the animation will go further into the hair than normal. That means that if your hair is black all around, but the death animation hair is red, that would be illegal. Also, animations such as hair flowing in the wind are legal, so do keep that in mind as well. Ah I get lots of flack when I have to refund these types of bodies, but unfortunately they are illegal.

Generally those with the outline of the V, outline of the booty, and cleavage shown are declined right away. Masks that cover the bottom half of the face are actually legal.

Bandanas are only legal if they do not go around the entire head. Bandanas that go around the entire head are considered hatsand therefore illegal. An example would be here, courtesy of Qwerty:. All mammal customs will be accepted. However, this excludes penguins, and birds of any kind. Any variation of reptiles crocodiles, turtles, etc. However, zombie uploads are legal! As for unusuals, such as a robotic-looking head, it might be accepted as long as you can tell in some way that it has a mouth and eyes, it really depends on how robotic looking the head looks like.

Almost all mouth animations are accepted, such as a smile, a frown, a pucker. Please keep in mind you can only have 20 frames of animation on your heads. If you guys have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask me!

Unique Ombre Combinations:. I worked very hard on them and I wont promise ill be doing any more customs if people claim my edits as theirs. Today i made blinking ombre edits from the same head. Eye animations Eye animations have gotten extremely strict over the past few months compared to back then.

Bodies Ah I get lots of flack when I have to refund these types of bodies, but unfortunately they are illegal. Bandanas and masks Masks that cover the bottom half of the face are actually legal. Mouth Almost all mouth animations are accepted, such as a smile, a frown, a pucker. Frames Please keep in mind you can only have 20 frames of animation on your heads. Hi everyone! AdelineGraal Graal heads and bodies upload.

graal era body female

Rene Heads and bodies. By : Arue Exera - Expect the unexpected .I reduced uploads on this site. I only show items per style. If you like a certain body, click the link given below the bodies! Like this body? More Cat Bodies? Cat Uploads in general?

More Hoodies? Click here! Like Love this body? Love this body? First two files are color changeable and require Set Transparency. Others are edits.

Original Bodies are from Charmheart and iPink. Bartender and Cook Costume. Yes — I made them myself. When you upload it: Set Transparency. Like Like. Roflmao… copyright… now They are even too proud to admit that my body is too sexy for classic. Like Liked by 1 person. Do u think u could make color changeable? Lyvia already provided CC bodies. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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